Jul 28, 2013

"super deep throat" is a flash game that changed my fapping tremendously.

this years is so fucking perfect man!11111!!!!!!1111

1. i bought cubase 7
2. i make sports again
3. autechre released an album in the end of 2012
4. boards of canada released an album this year
5. u-ziq released 2 albums this year

when now point 6 comes true (a new aphex twin album)
i can say that i lived a happy life!

only thing that really sucks is, that i added all of them in my
favourite list and watchlist in discogs

i fought through the nite with my dick in my hand and a lot of
sick porn. now i listen to
"michael andrews feat. gary jules - mad world (stefan anion's journey into madness mix).flac".

i am very tired and confused but also proud to announce that awesome shizzle!

Jul 26, 2013

i recognised, that a the pink floyd song "breath" appears in a hallucinogen song called "synthesizzler".


today i had my commencement for my middle school graduation. it felt good, to meet the "old" class
one last time. the other thing was: there were so many people, i feeled numb, somehow sick and unwell.

we visited a bar called "sausalitos" where it was even louder...fuck man...i fucking hate the whole
humanity since that point of time. i feel sorry for my classmates, they really tried to put me up in that
"gang" thing but i hate it so fucking much when it's loud and noisy and no one can hear a single
fucking word, that you've said 10 second ago since then. if you guys ever read this, i hope you
accept that kind of opinion thingy. after that i was running around a little bit, but my shin
started to ache, feels like i overburdened it. tomorrow i have 20 dates and i only have
5,5 hours left to sleep. i'll drink now some water, brush my teeth and watch some
porn, masturbate heavily and then go to sleep.

i'll put on the new boards of canada records "tomorrow's harvest" to get some lucid moments
maybe. see you soon mr. blog.

ah yeah before i forget it: i started 2 days ago making music again. so you'll definitly
will hear my progress in this blog. i'll change the record label, and i MUST flash the
xbox 360 (phat) to rip the condemned 2 soundtrack. last but not least i NEED to buy
a new soundcard with cubase 7 compatiblity to record shit and play shit fluently.


Jul 19, 2013

die taschentuch industrie profitiert enorm von mir


in der regel sind unterschichtler dumm, beschränkt und ignorant.
in der regel befolgt jeder die regel...

Jul 14, 2013

mr. boston denied the pleading right from the beginning.

Jul 13, 2013

routine tötet alles
i feel much more then usually. everyone seems to know, that
i am happy. my happiness is unbeatable. i wanna do some
experimental stuff and come back with some strange results.

wish me luck endorphin

Jul 12, 2013

did some heavy jora stuff over 2 hours.
listening to shamanix (fake album) and the gathering
@ maximum volume. imma so high right now hahahahaha
i wanna jizz all over the world.

Jul 10, 2013

so i was jogging 2 hours ago in the middle of the night.
i saw a car which had to be borrowed by driving school.
on it's doors where advertisment stickers about a mexican
beer trade called "desperados". thats at least what i recognised,
dazed and confused as i was from running at high speed.

when i arrived in the middle of the city, i saw little binhouses
with metalgrids surrounded and lightening in various colours dude!!!
i am totally down with that.

Jul 8, 2013

"Personal-Leasing" hahahahahahahaadgfasdgadfgaghzw54u7z356iu37iu


cubase 7 ist da
bin zu faul für alles
muss filme schauen und viel diabetis
erzeugen durch schokoladenverzehrungszeug

Jul 4, 2013

Jul 2, 2013

the grid - rollercoaster = meaning of life

i was watching pornos when i suddenly
remembered a unique melody...

i fapped 'till i was done and then i searched
for the track. suddenly it appeared in front
of my eyes, it was
"the grid - rollercoaster"

i listened to the radio version and became goose bumps
and my eyes filled with tears of happiness. all these mixed
and euphoric feelings only because of the synthie-pad line of the

thanks to you grid guys!
pizza schauen und pornos essen