Jul 25, 2018

Found a pack of cigarettes on the 24th of December 2016. Since last week I'm smoking 'em.
Always been a sucker for nicotine patches. Asthma in that relation ain't good. So this
pack is hopefully the last pack ever smoked. At first I wanted to write that shit down in my book that is to 90% finished and all, but I decided this poor Blogger thingy is almost dead-beaten by me. So this will be as well a post that will last here for a while, I guess.

The next days Imma move back with my mother. I will do some drugs upon a hill and listen to some Autechre and maybe some other new shit. I know they dropped a new album that consists of 4 mini EPs and I suppose they'll all last each one of 'em about an hour or so. I thought about getting a typewritter. I'm somewhat in the mood to write down shit for me.

Listening to this @ the moment.

Mount Shrine - The Silence Between Our Houses


Gotta take a shit....

I'm back.

These are my last days of living the "high life". After that I will have no internet.
Live in a apartment on the second floor that has mold in it (might start chain smoking
at that part again haha) and financially I'm 100% responsible for myself.

So every cent has to be turned thrice or soe.

The album is almost done and the book is done. After this blog I will masturbate furiously.
One of my last hardcore masturbation sessions in a longer time span, I guess.

I got plans to study audio engineering in Berlin. If everything works out, then I'm
enlisted on there next year in September. In the meantime I have a serious cut down
on internet, therefore pornography, money and other beautiful privileges, like:
Watching beautifully crafted YouTube videos.

I can get some internet by lingering around friends houses, driving to McDonalds and driving
around in my bike to seek out for internet connections. But in that kind of time-era it's hard to find an unencrypted internet connection.

I'll be reliant on my smartphone which's battery life span shortens every day a little more.

Can I keep this up, or will be a bullet in my mouth only sufficient for this.

The future will be for me:
>More poor than ever
>Depression because of internet deprivation
>More workflow, since a lot of shit can't distract me.

I started out WealthyAffiliate.Com and I might consider building up my own business.

But the more I focus on a commercially successfull business in the real world... the further
I stray away from doin' beats and all that shiz.

See you next time.

Jul 2, 2018

So this has changed so far:

I'm unemployed. I gotta do so much fucking paperwork. I have more work to do now unemployed than I had when I was employed. Fuck man. But shit's going to get quiet. Imma move soon and finish my book and release my new album and see how bad everything's going to turn out. So much schedules and yet again so little time...