Sep 30, 2013

I slowly get the suspicioun, that the people who
do nothing have less problems and shit.

My Monitor is slowly going to die, I made a new song.
The book itself made some progress and the man behind it
asks himself more and more how he'll write it.

Sep 11, 2013

Today I'll start my first and maybe my last book.
I suppose their will be not so much updates anymore
until I am done. The book will be released in German
and when I got enough money, I'll let it translate properly
from someone in a far future... maybe.


Heute fang ich mit meinem ersten und vielleicht letzten Buch an.
Ich schätz mal ich werd' in nächster Zeit nicht sonderlich viel
schreiben bis ich fertig binhhh. Das Buch wird in Deutsch
veröffentlicht und wenn ich genug Geld zusammen hab...
ahhh stimmt, das musste gar nicht wissen Diggah.


Sep 7, 2013

Hallucinatori devastio

Sep 4, 2013

Yeah the dexing was alright. I finished my Youtube-Poop video
and I will call today Thomann. They should've sent me my new
hardcore-awesome soundcard since yesterday, but there's happening
nothing at all bro! Right now I have heavy flatulencies and I'm watching
the 2nd season from K-on. The first season was a C- but the second season
seems to be a B+. I also discovered a cool new sound from a band called
"Primal Scream". I wrote some new song concepts and chill/hartz around
very long. Doing nothing is comparable with soul-masturbation without an
ending. It gets better and better, I'm also confident to start with school. Feels like,
whatever I am doing is just right.

If you wanna learn better, I recommend you a special song which I am listening to
since 3 years in a row or sometin':

Here's the info:

Artist: Cyanescens (Nathan Isherwood called him self after a certain Magic Mushroom sort)
Album: Liquid Crystal
Song: Improve Your Memory

Tomorrow is plasma-donating time and then I can finally
pay a lot of debts to my good ol' pals.

Wish you luck on reading this...not?