Sep 4, 2013

Yeah the dexing was alright. I finished my Youtube-Poop video
and I will call today Thomann. They should've sent me my new
hardcore-awesome soundcard since yesterday, but there's happening
nothing at all bro! Right now I have heavy flatulencies and I'm watching
the 2nd season from K-on. The first season was a C- but the second season
seems to be a B+. I also discovered a cool new sound from a band called
"Primal Scream". I wrote some new song concepts and chill/hartz around
very long. Doing nothing is comparable with soul-masturbation without an
ending. It gets better and better, I'm also confident to start with school. Feels like,
whatever I am doing is just right.

If you wanna learn better, I recommend you a special song which I am listening to
since 3 years in a row or sometin':

Here's the info:

Artist: Cyanescens (Nathan Isherwood called him self after a certain Magic Mushroom sort)
Album: Liquid Crystal
Song: Improve Your Memory

Tomorrow is plasma-donating time and then I can finally
pay a lot of debts to my good ol' pals.

Wish you luck on reading this...not?

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