Mar 27, 2013

i fucked a little bit around with second life
but it got to buggy and laggy all the time with
different settings from middle to highest and in the end
the lowest. i "played" it about 4 hours i would say.
i wanted to start as a dj and or sexy dancer (you'll
soon see why) but not many people helped me with that.
even if i had decided to become a dj it would've been
to laggy and all that shit...i don't need that stress. i need
peace and quiteness. i started today a funkhouse song
i gonna combine it with some metal lyrics from my
old "dextrometorphane" song which got lost after
the fucking police destroyed my motherfucking HDD.
however thats it for today, here the pictures. ah yeah
and before i forgot in the first club the people yelled
for me, they loved me and asked me over 3 or 4 times
to become a dancer:

Mar 23, 2013

Mar 22, 2013

Halten Sie Ihr Passwort geheim.
Donnerstag, 21. März 2013
16:44 - ∞: HAHAHAH
16:45 - ∞: ich nerv grade so die ubisoft hotline
16:45 - ∞: auf der website steht noch
16:45 - ∞: das die hotline nicht weiter helfen kann
16:45 - ∞: und das ich mich bei der technischen support seite melden soll
16:45 - ∞: geh auf die seite
16:45 - ∞: keine nummer
16:45 - ∞: ruf die hotline ein
16:45 - ∞: *an
16:45 - ∞: die hotline tussi hilft mir weiter
16:45 - ∞: OBWOHL sie ja angeblich keine ahnung haben
16:46 - ∞: war ne türkin/inderin
16:46 - ∞: ich musste 3 mal ganz langsam und mega fucking deutlich meinen serial key buchstabieren
16:46 - ∞: und angeblich is das problem heute um 18:44 gelöst
16:46 - ∞: =
16:46 - ∞: ich kann die morgen nerven
16:46 - ∞: =
16:46 - ∞: übermorgen
16:46 - ∞: =
16:46 - ∞: überübermorgen
17:39 - ∞: Bewertungen zu La Deco GmbH
17:39 - ∞: sehr sehr toll! ganz ganz supii
17:39 - ∞: super tolle arbeit !!
17:39 - ∞: achja das ding is auch sehr geil
17:40 - ∞: "steppenraute aller beste trip ergenzung bzw versterker gewohnte menge schroms und warten bis wirkung kommt dann pulver ca 3g schluken (sehr bitter ,und schwazlichtaktiv,fördet gedankenleserrische fähigkeiten em patie und so schweine geil - See more at:"
17:40 - ∞: bin so abgebrochen
17:40 - ∞: funpark bernd is auch sehr lustikh

ich lern grade total hyperaktiv für agenda 21
und gse, am pcp sonnnacht dann für pcb
smoken ich reichstag sehr funpark bernd
neues acid video ich grade s chneidä

Mar 13, 2013

i'm fucking tired

cutting video material and shit.

did my homework and can't also not sleep.

watching a beavis and butthead christmast special.

its fuckings snowing in march and stuff.

40 minutes before i wanted to go out, take a walk
with my mp3 player from samsung, like i always do.

i put on:
wolfgang amadeus mozart - lacrimosa.wav
wolfgang amadeus mozart - leck mir im arsch.mp3
bueno vista social club - chan chan.mp3
karen finley - tales of taboo.mp3

and it was just pissy whether
so i went up to my flat, converted the .wav song to
a .mp3 song and went outside and i swear: when i hit
the "play" button and opened the door it was snowing
heavily....such a fucking dramatic and gorgeous scene!

see you lat000r

Mar 7, 2013

Hey!  I thought I heard someone out here!
God  it's been so long since we've seen you!    How are you doing, man?

get off me bitch

(ADAM hugs trip.)

(ADAM knocks on the front door.)

(Trip closes the front door.)

(ADAM knocks on the front door.)

(ADAM knocks on the front door.)

(ADAM knocks on the front door.)

(ADAM knocks on the front door.)

(ADAM knocks on the front door.)

thahaha i broke up in laughter when i played this game.

its insane yo, called "Façade".

i also made a new youtube poop and gonna show it
my homies this weekend. i need to learn a lot of stuff
right now and i have a lot of schedules....