Aug 29, 2014

K, I checked out my statistics and I see that I have just an English-speaking "fanbase".
Fuck it... Germany is 50% America. You see it in ads, trends, the shit that is en vogue, fastfood and so on.
Even the fuckin' slang is popular on our side of the green meadow.

So uhhh... I posted my last post 8 months ago. 8 months is a big time span!
The book is still evolving, but slowly. I thought I had more ideas and more stories to tell.

I am still working on my new album, remade some cover art from back in 2006 3 days ago.
The Youtube-Poops are still rotting on my desktop and I am hungry.

Met an old girlfriend a couple o' times but then we got separated because of my shitty
On one side I am really ashamed on myself on the other hand:
I am a human being. It's my purpose to make bullshit and to hurt feelings and to destroy stuff.

So I have a Cubase session behind me.
I have made 2.5 songs in this year! That's not cool.
So many ideas, and school will begin again in a half month.

"Hedonism beeeee my friend" <--- cobain.="" kurt="" p="">
Got some DXM left to party and I wanna buy some Pina Colada.
Mixing both and strolling around in the night.
The fields are open and nobody can see me, even I can't.
So I'll rave around drunk and high and without a spleen.
That's the plan.

Now I'll watch some "School Days", "Kill La Kill" and Nicolas Cage flicks.

I'll see you around in some time.

Ahhh btw:
I hope to get Canadian readers. I got only Americans and people from Alaska (northern region something).
If I'll ever travel around the world, I'll visit Canada.

Ohhh say can you seeeeeeeee...