Jun 30, 2013

romantisch knistert es gerade zwischen mir und markus.
sein sanfter blick zieht mich aus, und er macht mich fühlen
wie ein echter frau jaaaa.

das ist sauerkraut rave

Jun 28, 2013


Jun 27, 2013


everywhere is this NATURSPERMA in my room!
yesterday i was raving with some glow sticks on a
lonesome bridge and the first o.o.o.d. album.
i was totally drunken at that time. i started to go
to bed and had a really intensive and long dream.
so today i had my exam for the middle school i vistited for one year.
we had a cooking exam

1. a friend of mine in the cooking group thought that my
algaesheets for my sushi recipe would've been some kind of cleaning
utility so he put it under the sink. i thought for the first half hour
somebody stole it. i found 'em after that and told him everything, was
surely amusing haha.

2. the teacher asked me why i didn't watch out more for cooking the
rice. she explained it to me via a example with car driving on a highway.
i told her that i never drive cars or cook. 10 seconds silence passed by.
she asked me why i was absolving this course. i told her, that i loved
cooking in a sarcastic and asking way. the whole class started laughing =/

3. i wanted to celebrate my final examination with some beers. i bought
some in a local drug store called "rewe". i bought some "desperados - fuego"
for 6€ or something (fucking expensiven when i'm thinking about it now (and
i'm pretty drunk mate)). in front of me where 2 guys waiting for the cashier
to complete their order and stuff. the first guy was a middle-aged shift worked,
buying some beer like me. he ordered one of the beer-trades i every had contact
wit'. after that a kind came to the cashier. he was buying 2 cola-fake-trade-bottles, after
that it was my turn to buy my 4-beer-desperados-fuego-pack. i finally realized, that
all the 3 guys of us ordered drugs. the first guy alcohol and coffein, the second guy
coffein and i ordered alcohol...

it's a really drug orientated society mate

that shouldn't sound bad at all, i love all kind of drugs.
it's just very intresting to watch this kind of scenario.

i suppose that's it

we'll hear each other the next days dear diary/blog/stuffy-thing.

Jun 25, 2013

ah man, i am in the middle of michael moore's
"bowling for columbine" and i'm starting to fall
in love with canadians. it's like...they are the survivers
of the 70's hippie era. what was it like to be a
canadian hippie in the 70's? they are so kind, gentle
and heart-warming. i definitly need to visit that country.
patricia petite comes by the way from montreal.


to all canadians

Jun 24, 2013

i'm thinking about
doing some mixes and putin' 'em up
on soundcloud.

ah yeah, i'm now on reverbnation...
but it sucks really bad...
i have to pay, to promote my music

Jun 23, 2013

"Freistaat Bayern" hahahaha

Jun 19, 2013

the name of his skateboard is "elsa"

i remember some lsd experiences years after
and i can now finally describe 'em properly.

i saw a 5 meter tall transvestite running over a
green mead.

i saw somebody drawing psytrance notes into the
air with his fingers. it looked like he would be one
with the sounds. i was so amazed by that, and shocked
positively for years.

the funny thing is, i never forgot those experiences.
i was just thinking and thinking and over thinking
these hallucinations again and again and again...
(miss kittin feat. the hacker - 1000 dreams)

however let us come to the upshot:

i really miss you lsd and i say sorry
in the name of the whole universe for the people
who reject you and see you only as a evil tool.

i need to spend more time with you and i
feel like a betrayer for every day when
i am sober. your little brother dmt helps
me to that hard time but that can't go on

please come back to me and spend some
jolly, far out and psychedelic time with me.


Jun 17, 2013


a hoibe time!

Jun 14, 2013

i invented today jora, it's a mix
made out of:

- jogging
- raving

i'm sweating so fucking heavy right now haha.
i ran like a son of a bitch who escapes from
prison. i listened to some panacea and i got
so fucking high from that. it felt like a mixture between
nicotine and cocaine...marvellous
verkrustete augenbutter

Jun 6, 2013

side effects of sex: aids, becoming a dad

i was out for many hours, learning stuff for my
physics/chemicals/biology oral exam tomorrow.
i drank kefir and a blue energy can thingy.
totall concentration on the topics. i learned
on a bridge which is used by few cars and
some joggers. they watched me confused when
they passed me by. the sun was shining all the time.
i feel, like i overdoses my self with sunbeams.

was walking down on the other side of the bride and
taking a piss behind a coppice. "RUN QUICKLY over
the fucking railroad" was my thought. i made it as you can
see. was listening all the time to the new sensient album
"the way of sloth" is the title i suppose.

the next hours i'll be learning, masturbating, drinking beer,
playing one of the following games:
deus ex,
thief 1 & 2,
stalker - clear sky,
medal of honor - airborne,
chivalry 1 & 2,
system shock 1 & 2,
manhunt 1 & 2,

lazing around, sleeping, making a song, jogging.

i suppose i'll make nothing of it because it takes so much
time to breath....you know what i mean...right?

Jun 2, 2013

zahnbürste         / küssen          /  dxm
toothbrush        / kissing          /   dxm
зубная щетка / целоваться /    ДХМ

i masturbated so heavy, that my circulation
began to balk. my feet and arms started
to get numb and i got heavy stomach pain.

sport kills yo!

Jun 1, 2013

your friends can be assholes
with or without drugs. it's certain
they turn into total assholes with 'em.
i put on
"the mount fuji doomjazz corporation - succubus"
and took a shower 20 minutes ago. the blurr
dark-grey heaven looked very depressed into my face.
after "the admirals game", the highest point of the album.
where the aggression stacks itself it was very quiet for 2 minutes.

suddenly it started to rain acute. since yesterday i am sick, i have
a sore throat and my caprice is going down, which hasn't to be
a bad thing...

the thing is, the music fits well, and i feel abominable.
i know that the brighter side of life is hiding from me, but
why? very weird and unique...

good bye