Jun 19, 2013

the name of his skateboard is "elsa"

i remember some lsd experiences years after
and i can now finally describe 'em properly.

i saw a 5 meter tall transvestite running over a
green mead.

i saw somebody drawing psytrance notes into the
air with his fingers. it looked like he would be one
with the sounds. i was so amazed by that, and shocked
positively for years.

the funny thing is, i never forgot those experiences.
i was just thinking and thinking and over thinking
these hallucinations again and again and again...
(miss kittin feat. the hacker - 1000 dreams)

however let us come to the upshot:

i really miss you lsd and i say sorry
in the name of the whole universe for the people
who reject you and see you only as a evil tool.

i need to spend more time with you and i
feel like a betrayer for every day when
i am sober. your little brother dmt helps
me to that hard time but that can't go on

please come back to me and spend some
jolly, far out and psychedelic time with me.


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