Mar 31, 2016

Fuck... totally forgotten this blog here.

The album that took me 3,5 years is finally finished:   <---- info="" p="">  <---- and="" buy="" can="" here="" it.="" p="" you="">
In the last months I finished quite some shit. Right now I'm busy being addicted to GTA V and finishing a final YTP that took me also somewhat about 4 years. If finished I'll stream it on Twitch and let everybody know about it. This YTP will take approximately 60 minutes of time or so of your life hahaha.

I also got myself a somewhat good job and gonna start my drivers education for my drivers licence next year. This year I need to pay some debts and clear out some other shit. I also wanna switch softly to mixers, mobiler analog drummachines and synthesizers and all that other small / portable and cheap shit. I got myself a old gameboy and gonna start LSDJ on it on there soon too. Finally gonna start some 8-bit shit. I also wanna do a fundraising thing for my very first live gig on Kickstarter and IndieGogo. I also have some other IndieGogo shit going, but I guess it'll fail. The book that I'm still writing will take some years, I guess. I only have 89 finished pages or so. 111 to go.... uhhh.

K, see you some time around in a  couple of months or days or years or some stuff like that. Bye.