Nov 6, 2015

I'm drunk right now. Producin' shit. Sometime I get anxiety attacks. If I can't get my school degree, I think I'll go into Psychatry. I can't stand my mental issues anymore. Sometimes Euphoria, sometimes hardcore depression. I don't feel suicidal (yet), but I definitly want to become apathic again. Doin' my shit. Yesterday I managed to finish 2 songs. Today I'll go on producin' more shit. Maybe even 3 songs! Who knows. The productionflow in the holidays is quite splendid. What is there to say? Did I mention my December Christmas plan? Getting booze and then I'll mix it with Cola and consume it quite quickly. After that I'm drunk and creative. Mentally free to write any shitty thing that comes up into my mind. Right now I'm clusterfucked with my phobias, but that'll go away hahaha.
Life's good here... I guess...?