Aug 31, 2013

Ich war mal cool...

Aug 28, 2013

So yesterday I slept from 11 am 'till 8 pm. After that my mom made some corn for me, I ate it
and watched "As good as it gets" with Jack Nicholson. I decided to run off all the love-story-shit
which happened at the end (the beginning and the middle was great though). I copied some
Panacea and Atarix songs on my MP3-Player and started running in the night. I recognized after
some minutes, that i had really heavy pain in the stomach-area and I knew it came from the corn.
I ran back and shat the soul out of my body, brushed my teeth and I ate a Nicorette gum after that.
Magically the pain disappeared! So I can never ever eat something from my mother, because she
doesn't really look if the food in the freezer is still fresh/eatable at all. Really sucks man...

Tomorrow (in 7 hour approximately) I'll donate some blood plasma and then I'll buy some beer.
In the next days I should receive my new soundcard and some money again. Maybe I'll buy some
Dxm and some bathsalts, feelin' like I need to party more with myself.

Aug 27, 2013

IN meiner Freizeit höre ich gerne
amerikanische Rap Musik die
DXM Konsum als Thematik bespricht
und verherrlicht.

Aug 25, 2013

It's intresting to see, when you come in contact with a new person. When you watch hundrets or millions of persons at the same time walking around you are automatically thinking that they are all the same. Your opinion about them is blurred. After some meetings you'll see the personality of that individual. You
know the sharp shaped personality from persons which you often met and talk to, but you don't know
anything about the millions of people who walk around all the time.


So I started to play the new "Splinter Cell: Blacklist" which i received from a friend of mine
as a birthday present for my 22th birthday. I started yesterday with playin' and it was so addictive.
"Splinter Cell: Conviction" feels like a demo when you compare them both.


The next thing is: censorship. Every-fucking-thing gets censored here in Germany. Really pisses me off...
I can't get that movie or this book, every German "Uncut" game has already been twice cutted...


I watched the new film "Warm Bodies" which was really cool and amusing and I finally
watched my very first "Magician from Oz" title. I saw the newest one which also appeared
this year (that is 2013, if a alien is reading this and wondering which time I am talking about).


Listen to the track "Miss Ivon" from the artist "Talpa" it really gets stuck in your head after some

Aug 21, 2013

irische butter im after



splinter cell i am ready for you and stuffölasef

Aug 20, 2013

Aug 19, 2013

tankz to da one person who likes my posts and stuff.


i ran around in the middle of the night at 3 am in the "morning".
i drank some becks and listened to some wolfram tunes. that guy has
very soft 80s synthie sounds which are stroking my soul. i also chewed
a nicotin gum for the ultimate peak which was pretty useless i guess.
there is a trap surrounding me. first i have to wait until my  probation
is finished and second i have to finish school. maybe i have mentioned that
300.000 million times or maybe i haven´t until now. i need to see the world, gather
experience and write new scores for tunes and all that stuff. my next steps are: watching porn,
doing my homework, getting annoyed by the sunlight which will radiate into my eyes and then
sleeping. my new youtube poop is almost finished just need the last 2 clips which require 1
good internetz and one friend who should be at home in the next 34 years (motherfuck that
shitty shit yo!). my next album is to 25% finished and i now exactly what i have to do to finish
it completly but there is no feeling at this time. the alcohol/5-htp/huperzine a/nicotine-mixture-depression
has trapped me in it's cage and i enjoy it's side-effects and depressions.
can you get high from depressions? are there so many people depressive, because it's in and trendy
and hip and funkalicious and is a good own-body-produced-druggy-shit-stuff? maybe, maybe not.
the thing is that my keyboard looks at me like i should rape it and i feel sorry for it, because i can't
get no hard on of it.


Aug 18, 2013

"hypersonic - vida" sounds pretty sexy


ich komm mir vor wie in einem schlechten stockholm-syndrom
roman. arbeitskollegen, klassenkollegen, therapeuten, ärzte, sekräterinnen etc...
alles mit-sklaven, die man vermisst, sobald man keinen kontakt mehr mit ihnen hat.
humane botenstoffe dazu ausgelegt nur sozialen mist zu pflegen? der blog
ist beweis selbst. grammatik sekundäres ziel.


i need more sleep.

Aug 17, 2013

drugs avoid boredom please avoid boredomes
you live in england / ireland and that's also the place where you've been born. you were born in the 70s or 80s and your parents forced you to take piano lessons? well then there's a good chance that you are one of the most famous musicians in the world wide history in the beginning of the 21st century.

aphex twin
(pink floyd) yeah i know the date is not correct...fuck you anyways.

i seriously envy those bastards....i envy them with all i got. i was born in germany
and i live here since my birth. like urlich schnauss, who migrated 3 or 4 years ago to
england AFAIK. the point is, no matter who or what you are, you'll never become a big
number in any kind of music, when you're not from england. sounds like a stereotype, but
i see it all the time. i suppose 60% of the artist which i here come from there.
very cruel joke from to god, to let people do what they want, even when they try to be
artists in combination with not-living in the UK. <----- entry="" for="" inspiration="" is:="" p="" this="" whole="">
aphex twin - avril 14th

Aug 14, 2013

Aug 13, 2013

so some "friends" of mine contacted me in the last time, if i wanna trip with em on acid or shrooms. i sad, that i would be to busy. they said it not directly, more in that "hidden" kind of way. like little fuckturds. i really would like to trip with 'em, that is not the problem. the problem is, they used me in the past, like a old and rotten object, and that my dear listener/reader is not fair. i chime a verse from the movie "network":


so i finished my new album on sunday morning @ 05:36 o'clock. a classmate of mine
seems to be interested in it. i am glad to see, that there are still neat people out there.


on sunday/saturday i will start some kind of promotion for my new album.
i will wear a black morph suite and maybe i'll rave to some tunes, just for fun
hahaha. maybe i can convince a good friend of mine.


the album is called "SINISTER FRIENDS" and it has the right percentage
of ambient / trash / funny things, which i think, is a good thing!


i checked out badoo, bohohohoo i am so lonely. no seriously, i just
wanna write with some girls, if not, then not or something like that.


i am finished with the godfather triology, now i need to finish the "from dusk till dawn"
triology, the "tremors" quadrology and the farcry "quadrology". which is of course not
a real quadrology, but the blood dragon soundtrack itself convinces me more and
more, that it is and hardcore awesome game! i also have the deep urge, to play
some old'fashioned age of empires II.


i realised 5 minutes ago, that women are totally text based, so the opposite of it
is picture based (men). let's get philosophical on this part. men +, women -.
men rear, women hole. so we are a 50% finished puzzle, sent out in a world
with unpure drugs, which are even illegal. this kind of god must be a sick-fuck


das gebüsch beobachtet mich!

roger, clear and out

(p.s. i know which album you didn't produce last summer merlin)

(no really, where the fuck should i promote or registrate my newest release dude???)

Aug 8, 2013

Aug 6, 2013

Aug 4, 2013

letztens hab ich mich an der fos/bos angemeldet. ich will mein fahrrad aufsperren, auf einmal kommt der hausmeister der schule auf mich zu und frägt mich, ob ich das fahrrad klauen will. ich lache laut und herzlich auf, mit dem schlüssel in der hand und mache dabei eine fragende geste. ich respondiere mit "da dieser schlüssel zu dem schloss hier passt, war es meine intention das fahrrad aufzusperren.". der hausmeister total illusioniert und umwelt-ignorierend darauf: "wuist du des fohrod klaua, ha?". ich stelle mit entsetzen
fest, dass der hausmeister es ernst meint mit dieser frage. ich sage soetwas wie:"wenn sie wollen, können wir eine kamera auftreiben und den ganzen prozess des fahrradschloss aufsperrens aufzeichnen.". der hausmeister scheint nun endlich verstanden zu haben und winkt halb zufrieden und halbverwirrt ab. ich lache noch einmal herzlich, winke ihm auch und wünsche ihm einen schönen tag.


i was wandering around outside at 11 pm. it was still hot and dry, even after the rain, that came 10 minutes before. some insects bit me on places of my body, which you don't wanna know (not a bad joke, just a fucking matter of fact). i went to our local church. i heard a lot of screaming, pop music and stuff like that from people, who held parties. my ear drums also couldn't locate the sound of me feet. it sounded so
very plastical and artificial. i arrived at the church and sat down in the dark on a bench. i wandered lonesome around (get's me almost high every time i do it). i thought about the stuff, i would post here and wandered slowly in illogical directions on the route back home. it started to rain heavily again. the rain cooled my skin
and a cyclist crossed my way. he said "servus" which means something like "sup". i was surprised by his action and i responded "sup" back, but it was a little bit to slow and quiet.


today my cables for the xbox 360 arrived. i have to wait now, until condemned 2 arrives and then
i can start to rip the fucking unique soundtrack. i hope it's worth it. i spent like 110€ into that shit.
that could've been the money that i needed for a good soundcard or to pay back some debts....

Aug 2, 2013

                                         COPYRIGHT BY SYLVER SECOND
nigerianische Romance-Scammer <---- bastelei="" der="" p="" woche="" wort="">

if you wanna read more optical vomit from my side check out this
thread, where i spam 2 or 3 times daily, what i am listening to.
"ratio xpz" is finished. it will definitly appear on the new muddafucking album!

13 minutes more and i'll release it. i definitly need that new soundcard.
i feel porn-consumation-technically death. i dunno if i am in the mood for porn...
strange kinda feeling. i was very depressed before, because i ate broccoli wiz
some special spice. seems like i am allergic to that spice shit. i had diarrhea for
7 hours. muscal cramps in the stomach area and that made me really down.
i was jogging like usual. me feed are fucked up cabron, but i am happy as fuck

here's the link yo yo yo!:

short version (i wanna penetrate you

i suppose, the shit what keeps me alive
is called "paranoia of ignorance". i punched
my handy so hard yesterday, that the screen
went black. so i suppose i let it repair now, and
after that when the contract is running out, i cancell
the contract completly. i store them handyz in a box
or something and let them rot until all of it is ash.

so no one ever can contact me.
fuckin love the fact, to have no stress at all.

Aug 1, 2013

füße sind wie gleichungen...
normalerweise darf da nichts schief LAUFEN!

mach grade nen neuen track via guitar pro 6, called

is natürlich auch auf dem neuen "sinister friends" album
mit dabei. ich weiss zwar noch nicht mal ansatzweise, wie
ich das neue album hosten soll, aber fuck it... kommt alles noch
vodafone ihr hurensöhne