Aug 2, 2013

nigerianische Romance-Scammer <---- bastelei="" der="" p="" woche="" wort="">

if you wanna read more optical vomit from my side check out this
thread, where i spam 2 or 3 times daily, what i am listening to.
"ratio xpz" is finished. it will definitly appear on the new muddafucking album!

13 minutes more and i'll release it. i definitly need that new soundcard.
i feel porn-consumation-technically death. i dunno if i am in the mood for porn...
strange kinda feeling. i was very depressed before, because i ate broccoli wiz
some special spice. seems like i am allergic to that spice shit. i had diarrhea for
7 hours. muscal cramps in the stomach area and that made me really down.
i was jogging like usual. me feed are fucked up cabron, but i am happy as fuck

here's the link yo yo yo!:

short version (i wanna penetrate you

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