Aug 28, 2013

So yesterday I slept from 11 am 'till 8 pm. After that my mom made some corn for me, I ate it
and watched "As good as it gets" with Jack Nicholson. I decided to run off all the love-story-shit
which happened at the end (the beginning and the middle was great though). I copied some
Panacea and Atarix songs on my MP3-Player and started running in the night. I recognized after
some minutes, that i had really heavy pain in the stomach-area and I knew it came from the corn.
I ran back and shat the soul out of my body, brushed my teeth and I ate a Nicorette gum after that.
Magically the pain disappeared! So I can never ever eat something from my mother, because she
doesn't really look if the food in the freezer is still fresh/eatable at all. Really sucks man...

Tomorrow (in 7 hour approximately) I'll donate some blood plasma and then I'll buy some beer.
In the next days I should receive my new soundcard and some money again. Maybe I'll buy some
Dxm and some bathsalts, feelin' like I need to party more with myself.

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