Aug 19, 2013

tankz to da one person who likes my posts and stuff.


i ran around in the middle of the night at 3 am in the "morning".
i drank some becks and listened to some wolfram tunes. that guy has
very soft 80s synthie sounds which are stroking my soul. i also chewed
a nicotin gum for the ultimate peak which was pretty useless i guess.
there is a trap surrounding me. first i have to wait until my  probation
is finished and second i have to finish school. maybe i have mentioned that
300.000 million times or maybe i haven´t until now. i need to see the world, gather
experience and write new scores for tunes and all that stuff. my next steps are: watching porn,
doing my homework, getting annoyed by the sunlight which will radiate into my eyes and then
sleeping. my new youtube poop is almost finished just need the last 2 clips which require 1
good internetz and one friend who should be at home in the next 34 years (motherfuck that
shitty shit yo!). my next album is to 25% finished and i now exactly what i have to do to finish
it completly but there is no feeling at this time. the alcohol/5-htp/huperzine a/nicotine-mixture-depression
has trapped me in it's cage and i enjoy it's side-effects and depressions.
can you get high from depressions? are there so many people depressive, because it's in and trendy
and hip and funkalicious and is a good own-body-produced-druggy-shit-stuff? maybe, maybe not.
the thing is that my keyboard looks at me like i should rape it and i feel sorry for it, because i can't
get no hard on of it.

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