Jun 6, 2013

side effects of sex: aids, becoming a dad

i was out for many hours, learning stuff for my
physics/chemicals/biology oral exam tomorrow.
i drank kefir and a blue energy can thingy.
totall concentration on the topics. i learned
on a bridge which is used by few cars and
some joggers. they watched me confused when
they passed me by. the sun was shining all the time.
i feel, like i overdoses my self with sunbeams.

was walking down on the other side of the bride and
taking a piss behind a coppice. "RUN QUICKLY over
the fucking railroad" was my thought. i made it as you can
see. was listening all the time to the new sensient album
"the way of sloth" is the title i suppose.

the next hours i'll be learning, masturbating, drinking beer,
playing one of the following games:
deus ex,
thief 1 & 2,
stalker - clear sky,
medal of honor - airborne,
chivalry 1 & 2,
system shock 1 & 2,
manhunt 1 & 2,

lazing around, sleeping, making a song, jogging.

i suppose i'll make nothing of it because it takes so much
time to breath....you know what i mean...right?


peter pansen said...



hey peter, (sigmund) freud mich, dass dir mein blog eintrag gefallen hat.