Jun 27, 2013

so today i had my exam for the middle school i vistited for one year.
we had a cooking exam

1. a friend of mine in the cooking group thought that my
algaesheets for my sushi recipe would've been some kind of cleaning
utility so he put it under the sink. i thought for the first half hour
somebody stole it. i found 'em after that and told him everything, was
surely amusing haha.

2. the teacher asked me why i didn't watch out more for cooking the
rice. she explained it to me via a example with car driving on a highway.
i told her that i never drive cars or cook. 10 seconds silence passed by.
she asked me why i was absolving this course. i told her, that i loved
cooking in a sarcastic and asking way. the whole class started laughing =/

3. i wanted to celebrate my final examination with some beers. i bought
some in a local drug store called "rewe". i bought some "desperados - fuego"
for 6€ or something (fucking expensiven when i'm thinking about it now (and
i'm pretty drunk mate)). in front of me where 2 guys waiting for the cashier
to complete their order and stuff. the first guy was a middle-aged shift worked,
buying some beer like me. he ordered one of the beer-trades i every had contact
wit'. after that a kind came to the cashier. he was buying 2 cola-fake-trade-bottles, after
that it was my turn to buy my 4-beer-desperados-fuego-pack. i finally realized, that
all the 3 guys of us ordered drugs. the first guy alcohol and coffein, the second guy
coffein and i ordered alcohol...

it's a really drug orientated society mate

that shouldn't sound bad at all, i love all kind of drugs.
it's just very intresting to watch this kind of scenario.

i suppose that's it

we'll hear each other the next days dear diary/blog/stuffy-thing.

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