Mar 13, 2013

i'm fucking tired

cutting video material and shit.

did my homework and can't also not sleep.

watching a beavis and butthead christmast special.

its fuckings snowing in march and stuff.

40 minutes before i wanted to go out, take a walk
with my mp3 player from samsung, like i always do.

i put on:
wolfgang amadeus mozart - lacrimosa.wav
wolfgang amadeus mozart - leck mir im arsch.mp3
bueno vista social club - chan chan.mp3
karen finley - tales of taboo.mp3

and it was just pissy whether
so i went up to my flat, converted the .wav song to
a .mp3 song and went outside and i swear: when i hit
the "play" button and opened the door it was snowing
heavily....such a fucking dramatic and gorgeous scene!

see you lat000r

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