Mar 27, 2013

i fucked a little bit around with second life
but it got to buggy and laggy all the time with
different settings from middle to highest and in the end
the lowest. i "played" it about 4 hours i would say.
i wanted to start as a dj and or sexy dancer (you'll
soon see why) but not many people helped me with that.
even if i had decided to become a dj it would've been
to laggy and all that shit...i don't need that stress. i need
peace and quiteness. i started today a funkhouse song
i gonna combine it with some metal lyrics from my
old "dextrometorphane" song which got lost after
the fucking police destroyed my motherfucking HDD.
however thats it for today, here the pictures. ah yeah
and before i forgot in the first club the people yelled
for me, they loved me and asked me over 3 or 4 times
to become a dancer:

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