Dec 25, 2011


yeah man i got a lot to tell about the things that happened lately to me

finaly i am in holidays. i was reading a lot of sigmund freuds dreaminterpretation books.
watched my little pony with my homeboy donut, received my ZOOM H4N from
and my ddj ergo from them. in the next 2 month i gonna buy myself the "new"
NATIVE INSTRUMENTS - MASCHINE (but not that MIKROfuckshit version =D ).
got a lot of lucid dreams and recorded a new song...wait i am to lazy to write that shit again
i just easily post my facebook status xD

"blabla imma commercial whore blaaa
made a new drone/ambient/noise track, gonna put it on my "UNEDITED SOUNDSCAPES". release date: unknown, sucker xD


i write now more about my dreams and get from day 2 day more lucid
even with 5 liters of coffein in my blood circulation"

yup so thats it. see you next time non existing fan.

ah yeah before i forget it:
this afternoon i watched porn
this night i watched big stan
right now i am watching a russian tv channel which send at this time only
commercial bullshit and thats why i switch now


check out my youtube channel for constatly growing of dumbnessitynationcious

the motto of the year 2012:

"i chew ass and kick bubblegum, and i'm all out of plot"

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