Apr 26, 2013

sup matey mate?

right now i'm a little drunk of the 1 liter faxe i`ve drunk 50 minutes ago.
i listened to some death in vegas - trans-love energies (cd2) on a runway.
the sun was shining heavy on my skin and ma gramma is fucked up but thats okey.
i chilled to the beats and danced a little bit on the lonesome runway, which is
rarely used by pilots and shit. i walked a little bit and bounced on my
way home a little bit with ma head to the kicks. i feel so sedated haha.
imma listening right now to some kind of skazi tune thingy. nirvana - smells like
teen spirit (skazi remix). my album is almost finished and i got a B in my main
course: german. i held a department about nelson mandela and his thug history.

ok thats it for now, tune in in some days when i release my album

ctfo till then yo!°360/60

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