May 13, 2013


whoa i went jogging 1 hour ago.
i listened to "filteria - perpetual delayed voyage"
and looked in the sky, all the stars and this blank
vast night... i felt infinite. after that i listened to
"ed rush & optical - wormhole" which made me pretty
paranoid when i came to a dark lane. i ran into a avenue
which was in the near of my flat. the epic neuro funk bass
was fucking my brain out 'till i was unconscious and dazed.
i looked to the left side and saw a semicircle formed out
of blue clouds and the blue dawn of the morning sun,
on the right side were a lot of blurry clouds with no
concrete forms and the clouds were locking almost
depressing and aggressive. i watched down to my right
and saw like 50 sheep staring at me totally still. i freaked
out and after 10 minutes i was at home.

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