May 20, 2013

there is this guy, let's call him xyz. i refused
to trip with him on mushrooms and since that he is
acting like a little bitch. he spreads his period all over
my face, and it's hard to flee the scene where he's at
on weekends. today i left the house of a friend earlier
because this little FUCK-FACE-CUNT-TWAT-WHORE-BITCH-
was also there. hope you enjoyed this sunday little fuck-face.

i would laugh my ass of, if i would hear that he read
this post 1 hour before the lung cancer kills him.
i would plant a lot of trees for that and prey
every minute to god, to thank him for this
glorious event! PRAISE THE LORD!

ah fuck yeah, by the way:
mah album is now out

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