Dec 4, 2013

So I played the new Deadpool game for pc. It is funny as hell
and very original in it's humour. Even The Stanley Parable can't handle
so much bizarre humour!

I did a lot of writing, cutted a new poop, watched Valhalla Rising.
Songs producing ain't so easy anymore, since I have no time
because of porn or homework / study. I'll keep it up.

The chances are good, that I won't finish the probation in school.
Because of a subject for boring bookkeepers. If that will happen, which
I don't hope, but for which I am already mentally ready, I will finish
a lot of shit.

The plans for the next 5 weeks are:
- Playing Deadpull completly through
- Watching the anime Haruka
- Releasing µ-Ziq - Droops (SYLVER SECOND remix)  (this one will also be on the new album)
- Releasing Gigi D' Agostino - Lamour toujours (plain and simple SYLVER SECOND remake, which you can listen to on soundcloud of course.)
- Gabba Front Berlin - Sinners (this one will take some time!)
- Retyping and renaming my album from may and givin' it lyrics for every little bit of it
- Releasing my not so new anymore album called "SINISTER FRIENDS"
- Before the Bandcamp release I'll retype it of course and give it detailed information
about lyrics and how I made everything.

Yeah that's it. I guess I will procrastinate the shit out of these tasks, but I also
will work on 'em. Wish me luck or some shit like that...

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