Jun 10, 2015

So what's happenin' guys?
80% of the album is finally finished. Some hours to work on that piece and it's done.
Videos won't do the trick right now. However I'm experimenting on nicotine patches and REM / Non-REM phases. Really trippy. Nicotine keeps you awake and your body knocks you down to sleep. The result is that you have 6 hours of short sleep phases of 10 - 20 seconds that make you go nuts.


So Open Media LLC. is doin' this promo thing since today.

I am a big fan of their 4K Video Downloader. I'm using their software for like... 8 months or so?
I usually avoid any kind of software for tasks like video downloading, but in this case I made an exception. So some of you might think that I'm now a total sell-out.
Well, I am not. Here's why:

- I fucking love to advertise good software and kill all the bad sources for software.
It's like with films and books. You don't suggest something bad to your homies. You
give 'em the shizzle that they like. That's why I'm into that promotion thing.
That and the fact that you can get for short time a registration code.
In my 23 years of lifetime on this planet I NEVER heard of anybody making this stuff happen.
As a homepage / blog owner I am a small middleman that's most of the stuff doesn't interest me at all.
So why do I wanna get that code?
Via the code I can get the "Pro" version of the program and download full Playlists on YouTube and so on in 4K. Very impressive for me.
I recommended the software long before via Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

So get some stuff from their site and test it. If you think they don't fuck around with your money and that your donations will be spent wisely than go ahead and get yourself a registration code.
Here some pictures for info / lazy people:

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