Aug 1, 2015

My mother threw me out on the 28th of June 2015 @ 10:30 o'clock or so.
In the meantime I staid over @ a friends place for 32 days.

The throwing out process:
T'was a Sunday morning. I didn't sleep jack shit because I ripped 7 vinyls for me PC.
Took me 9 fucking hours or so.
I had a nicotine patch in the meantime so the fuck-up would be really good when I make the night through.
At 9 o'clock I asked my mentally sick grower mother if she could make a black tea (Schwarztee) für me.
She said that she couldn't do other stuff than. Her plan was to wash my working trousers.
I saw in the cupboard one already washed pants. So I said:"No,  I want some black Tea m9!"
I close the door.
Do shit on my computer (4chan... duh...?).
5 Minutes later I hear some fucking noise tearing my earfell apart.
It was my mom. Throwing money against the door.
She has borderline Syndrom, that's why she acts so fucked up and twisted some times since 23 years yo!
She says: She's gonna call the police because she's really tired of my shit.
>Be me
>Think it's a joke because she calls 'em every time and police don't do care about that shit anymore of hers
>They come
>They say:"Pack your shit!"
>I say:"I'm fuckin' confused. I need a jacked and goodbye you piece of shit mother."
>I sit on a bench near our house for 15 minutes or so.
>The mixture of Nicotine patch + sleep deprivation and anxiety of calling the cops makes me feel fuckeeeeed up!
>Decide to ask once again my mother if she lets me in.
>She says:"Nope.avi".
>I go to grandmother and grandfather.
>Drink some water and get the fuck out there.
>Go to a friend like always on Sundays.
>Watch some "Kappa Mikey" because we initially thought it would be cool. But turned out to be fuckin' cancer.
>Get some shit in the evening with my buddy and the police so she would let me in to get my shit.
>Get the basics.
>Sleep @ 23:00 o'clock.
>Get to work. Do all the documents shit.
>Get on Wednesday all my stuff to a friend with another workbuddy.
>Stay there for 31 days.
>Ask in the meantime on sites for a flat so I can live solo.
>Find out about buddy leting a flat.
>Choose to check it out.
>Rent it with help of Socialist / Capitalist state.
>Move in on  29th of March 2015.

Here I am.
On a Sunday midnight.
Drunk and showing that shit to you guys.
More shit is coming from my side as soon as I'm finished with all that crap I gotta do.

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