Nov 6, 2016

That's the fucker I was talking about. Gonna stream some "Bully: Schoolarship Edition" or whack my monkey or eat some junk food, afterwards a nice learning session and then I gotta go deep into that mixxer. A little bit of sleeping and dream diarie notes and then a friend of mine visits over. This should be fun man!


Here's my Kopierpaste:
I finished a 5 volume mixing session. This is the tracklist of the used tracks.
Here are the related mixes:

The dude who made the covers for me is called Gabriel G.
Here's his e-mail address:
I paid 5€ for every cover. 5 covers times 5€ = 25€, which is a good
price if you consider this quality.

If you wanna download all 5 mixes + high quality covers, you should check out that link:!P4k1iIoY!16T-9wzqJXnOftexW_4qi9KfAvDAN_BjuWHbtj7Uecs



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